Severus (severus_servus) wrote in drkphoenixrisng,

Thread; February 24th

Who: Severus and Slytherin dorm mates?
What: Chillaxin
When: Friday, February 24th, evening
Where: Slytherin commons

Severus slid onto the sofa in the commons. He was tired, immensely so. Classes had been completely hectic lately, with OWLs this year, the teachers were making a point of drilling them as hard as possible, Socratic style. It was crucial to know all the material forward and backward just in case they chose to call on him in class. He'd been studying nonstop, and judging from the lacking of activity in the journals, he merely assumed his classmates were doing the same.

He needed a break, though, and had chosen tonight to relax a bit. He would do no studying tonight. He was going to sit by the fire in the common room and fall asleep on the sofa, unless someone came along, in which case he might have some casual conversation. He just wanted to settle down a bit, have a breath. It was Friday evening, and he could afford to skip studying for the night.

He slid further down on the green fabric of the sofa, leaning his chin against his armrest-supported arm. He stared into the fire, his eyelids drooping. He was startled awake, though not really unpleasantly, when someone dropped down into the chair across from him. He looked over, expecting pleasant company.
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