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Journal Entry: 21 April, Afternoon

[Private to Marauders]
About that balding powder and tea... Perhaps it would be best if I didn't know anything more about it. I know it's the end of our 5th year and you want to go out with a bang, please not literally, but right now is not good for me. I don't think I should have anything to with well, anything. Really, it's for the best. Sorry.
[End Private]

I did miss these journals more than I thought. It's nice not having to stop what I'm doing to find someone and ask them a question. OWLs are quickly approaching, and even I'm starting to get tired of revising. Hopefully, I won't become apathetic, but it's my goal to spend this entire weekend outside of the library. Amazing, yeah? I am in desperate need of a break though. There's still more than a month left of school. Plenty of time for a quick review and to possibly help some others.
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