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RP Thread -- James & Sirius, April 23rd

Who: James Potter & Sirius Black
What: Who did write that "cheeky entry?"
When: April 23rd, during a lazy afternoon
Where: Hufflepuff territory

James shuffled down the steps towards the general direction of the Hufflepuff portrait, with one hand clutching a tiny bouquet of several tulips. The tulips were crisp, kept nicely, and bought from the school’s garden that morning. He even tied a thin ribbon around the stems, complete with a bow – the sort of junk that girls seem to love receiving from blokes.

But this journey was the culmination of an ultimate quest: to find out who the hell was Natalie Leland. Upon reconnecting the journals, he and Sirius came across one of her exploratory writings about all the things she wanted to do to some fellow she knew from the Hogsmeade public system. She was so articulate in explaining the little details of her scandalous daydreams – and needless to say, it piqued James’s curiosity.

Too bad the entire school read her entry too.

The jokes and social controversy that the piece created seemed to be worth investigating. Natalie Leland had been nothing more than a name at first. Then she became Natalie Leland, a seventh-year Hufflepuff, but nothing more. He and Sirius didn’t even know what she looked like.

Of course, rather than consult a yearbook, the best thing to do was to find her physically. Somebody coming in or out of the house would be able to give some direction eventually.
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