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Journal entry- April 30th, near midnight.

Has anybody got the notes from History of Magic yesterday? I just couldn't pay attention, anyway I had to do my Arithmancy problems and History of Magic is the best place to do that, but I can't do this stupid essay at all without notes and Binns said that if I miss another he'll give me detention every weekend until OWLs and that's just not fair at all! I don't see why a stupid ghost gets to teach anyway, I mean if you're not living how can you possibly understand that there's more to life than essays about the centaur revolutions? It's ridiculous and I wish Daddy would complain to the board but he says Binns is an 'establishment' and we have to respect that. But I absolutely cannot have detention every weekend, Binns makes you do lines. So who wants to let me see the notes?
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