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Dark Phoenix Rising

Another Marauders' Era RPG

Dark Phoenix Rising RPG
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Welcome to Dark Phoenix Rising!

The year is 1975. The famous Maurauders are in their fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, all is not what it may seem. There are dark forces at work in the magical world, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Within the school, and most of the Wizarding community, these forces are unknown. Most Hogwarts students are far too interested in the newest fad. It’s known simply as Journaling; a witch or wizard can buy a journal from a store, and can link their journals to their friends'. Originally, the contents of such a journal could be seen by anyone to whom the writer had linked it, but that wouldn't do for our lovely Maurauders, would it? They noticed that the separate girl groups at Hogwarts were writing extremely catty things about each other in the journals, and so through an elaborate prank that took nearly half a year of research to pull off, they linked all of the journals in Hogwarts together, as well as any journal from outside that was already linked to a Hogwarts journal. At first, they were hated for it, but eventually the journals came to be accepted as a simple form of communication. Besides, if they really wanted to, people could still charm their entries private, or so that only a few people could read them.

The journals can be used in a variety of ways. First, just like Livejournal, your character can write entries that everyone can read. The entries can also be charmed to specific people, in which case the entry should be placed behind a cut which states who can read it. Simple, right? Comment RPs can be started in the journals (written in past tense), and AIM RPs can be posted there (written in present tense). Please place AIM RPs behind cuts so that you don't clutter anyone’s friends-list. In any sort of RP post, there should be a heading in the body of the post that states the time, place, and participants. All posts should be made to the main community; this includes RP posts and journal posts. In other words, posting to your character’s actual journal is unnecessary and discouraged; keeping everything in the main community ensures that everyone will see it and that no one will miss an important post from your character. All OOC posts should be made to the OOC community. Journals can also be used just like AIM or normal LJ comments, and you can have two characters chatting over them from a distance; this should take place in the comments. Finally, owl messages are to be posted in the journals, also behind cuts that tell us who it is being sent to. In the subject line, tell us what type of post it is- Comment RP, AIM RP, Journal Post, Owl Message. Iyou have another type of post, such as a newspaper article or flyer, don't hesitate to put it in! Basically, anything that has to do with the game is posted in the community. Got it?

Please please please: ALL RPS SHOULD BE IN THIRD PERSON. We don't need asterisks, either. Let's do a quick example:

BAD: *giggles* Hi, Sirius. *bats eyelashes*
GOOD: She giggles. "Hi Sirius," she says, batting her eyelashes.

The timeline we're using for this game can be found here. The game is played in real time, which means a day is a day, a year is a year, etc. Time can be flexible for RPs, though, especially comment RPs. If you're backtracking in a journal entry (you're posting it on the 13th, but it was supposed to be written on the 10th), put that in your subject line.

Almost done, I promise.

1. It shouldn’t even need to be stated, but no godmodding. No power playing. No Mary Sues. Basically, if it would get you featured on bad_rpers_suck, don’t do it. If you don’t know what any of those terms mean, read up on them, because if you ignore this rule, we will have no mercy.
2. No netspeak. Ever. We don’t care how standard it is and we don’t care how slowly or awkwardly you type. The word “you” has three letters and you will use all of them. In fact, there are only two words in the English language that consist of one letter. All attempts to convince us otherwise will result in annoyance at best.
3. Please employ a program with spell check. Run your posts through Word. Lots of people who think that they can spell actually can’t, and it doesn’t matter what your writing skills are- if your spelling is poor, your writing seems poor.
4. No cross-overs. Characters are limited to canons and OCs. Characters from other works are not permitted. This means no Legolas, no Veronica Mars, and no Miaka Yuki.
5. NO STAR WARS CHARACTERS. EVER. Does it seem like this is covered in rule 4? Perhaps. But we’ve seen it happen, and our souls are scarred. (Incidentally, if you read this rule and were disappointed, please leave. This is not the place for you.)
6. To make sure you've read the rules, where the application asks for who referred you, tell us the voices in your head told you to apply. We like that.
7. Our multi-char policy is that you may have up to three active characters at a time. Any more requires special permission. However, you may not play two characters that require major interaction with each other, either canonically or based on the plot of the game. That means no family members, no close friends, no enemies, and most especially no romantically involved individuals. For example, if you play James Potter, you may not also play Lily Evans, or Remus Lupin, or Severus Snape, but you may play Narcissa Black or Fabian Prewett. This is an attempt to minimize the need to play with yourself. We understand that if you have more than one character, chances are that eventually they’re going to have some incidental interaction with each other. That’s fine, as long as it’s kept to a minimum and occurs only when absolutely necessary to a plot. Basically, if you absolutely need to create a thread that solely consists of two of your characters, talk to the mods first.
8. This game doesn’t have a rating. Yes, that means that anything goes; this game may very well get pretty dark. Voldemort sucks, after all. However, anything that would get you an ‘R’ rating in the USA needs to be placed behind a cut with a warning (“Cut for violence,” or whatever.) In addition, if someone involved is uncomfortable with what you’re doing, you need to stop. The sole exception to all of this is language. Say “fuck” all you like. Lord knows we do.
9. This is mostly a corollary to rule 8- We can’t really impose an age limit, since this is the internet, after all. We’d prefer our players no younger than 16, as this is not meant to be a kid’s game; however, there’s no way we can check on that. Please use your judgement. If you’re not comfortable reading about mature situations, which may include foul language, violence, sex, or any combination of the three, it’s in your own best interest to stay away.
10. A note on PBs: We like PBs. We do not like Ashton or the Olsens as PBs. A list of similarly black-listed PBs can be found here.Seriously, guys, there are plenty of more obscure actors, musicians, and models out there that you can use, and in a lot of cases, if you search a little beyond Keanu Reeves, you’ll find someone who looks EXACTLY like your vision of a character as opposed to simply having the same hair-color and a famous face. Also, please try to keep your PBs relatively age-appropriate. Teenagers generally don’t look like Johnny Depp.(And yes, we know that Paris Hilton is being used as Narcissa’s PB. However, Cissa’s two guiding canonical descriptors are ‘pinched’ and ‘blonde’ and we defy you to find someone more pinched and blonde than La Hilton.)
11. Please keep things as canonical as possible, both when applying and when playing. James is not particularly nice in a lot of ways. Voldemort is not inwardly tormented about what he's doing. Snape is not a sex god, especially not at fifteen. If you play them as such, you're playing an OC with a Canon name and we'd rather you just applied for an OC to begin with.

The Master Character List is here.

Sample apps in the form of approved applications can be found here. Please look over a few of these before filling out your own. Your best bet might be to look at the official apps of the mods' characters (yes, we filled them out too!) These include Lily Evans, Minerva McGonagall, Sirius Black, Edith Ashbury, Narcissa Black, and Aaron Drummund. Please note that yours DO NOT need to be nearly as long as those of Lily and Sirius; it's just that pixiechan is insane and wordy.

The Character Application can be found here.

Lastly, your beauteous mods are:
-pixiechan: Sirius, Lily, McGonagall.
AIM: SavageFlight
-whiteviolets: Narcissa, Professor Drummond, Edith Ashbury.
AIM: pezdispenser538

If we haven't completely terrified you, please apply!