Lily Evans (potterscrush) wrote in drkphoenixrisng,
Lily Evans

Thread: April 16th, early afternoon

Who: Lily and Edie
What: Randomness ensues.
When: April 16th, between classes.
Where:: Gryffindor Commons

With OWLs quickly approaching, it was a safe bet that for most fifth-year students, the free time between classes was no longer regarded as strictly free. No, there were essays to write, charms to practice, books to study feverishly.

Lily Evans was no exception; in fact, she was one of the worst offenders when it came to over-studying. The hour between History of Magic and Charms found her not in the Great Hall having lunch with her friends but in the mostly-empty Gryffindor common room, curled with her legs under her in a chair in the corner, her Herbology text floating in front of her and a two-foot-long essay on her lap.

Still, not even Ms. Evans could study non-stop, and one of the downsides to skipping lunch was the insistent growling with which her stomach made its displeasure known. The girl stopped scribbling to give the offending organ a menacing look. "Now, see here. I ate quite a lot at breakfast just so you wouldn't complain, and it's not so long until dinner, and this essay is a bit more important than your decision to be a total brat. Shush." The red-head finished her diatribe and glanced around guiltily- if anyone had actually seen her talking to her stomach, she'd probably get dragged off to Madame Pomfrey for a mental check up.
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