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Journal Entry, April 23rd, 7 pm.

[Private to James]
Right. Between the bit where he's snogging Evans all the time and the bit where he's got Remus backing out of The Balding Tea, I think our little Snivellus needs to be put back in his place. It is tragic and wrong that he has forgotten that people like him don't mess with Gryffindors. And if not us, who is going to teach him this very essential lesson? It is very much a shame that he hasn't yet learned that if you fuck with a Marauder's head, the Marauders fuck with yours right back. Literally. Har, har. Yes?

Was going to do it myself if I ran into him today but the little weasel is slippery and anyway it's better to do things with friends. More cozy that way.
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