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RP thread- The Big Reveal

((Figured I'd just start this, if there are no objections? Reply at your leisure.))

When: Morning after May's full moon.
Who: Marauders!
What: The Big Reveal.

The sun was barely risen on May 14th, and already Sirius was up. It wasn't exactly strange- the boy kept odd hours, sometimes sleeping in until evening, sometimes waking while it was still dark and making his roommates suffer for it. He was doing that now, prancing around the dormitory and singing, in a tone both bellowing and tuneless, a song that might have been Yellow Submarine, if one judged based on the words and not the melody.

"And my friiiiiends are all aboard," he belted with feeling as he tugged at a sock. It was a little too small for him, and not grimey enough by far; undoubtedly it belonged to someone else. Sirius did not especially care.

Properly socked, he hurled himself across the room to land heavily on James's bed, centimetres away from crushing the other boy. He propped himself up on his elbows, placed his chin in one hand, and tugged at James's hair with the other. "Oh, Jaaamie," he crooned in a sweet voice that might have made more sense had he not just been bellowing, "Wakey-wakey. We've got to find our weeeerewolf!"
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